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English Pakistani mixed marriage (his story)

This is the husband's side of the story, about a couple who overcame many serious hurdles to be together.


S’s side of the story



Well my wife has told her side of the tale so i'd like to add my slant on things.


It goes a little something like this, we met at work and I enjoyed talking to her, she made me laugh an i made her laugh too (i hope!). We got on really well. I asked her what would her parents think if we got together? She laughed loudly an said they would be less than impressed.

After a few months things started to get a little more serious between us- we were falling in love. I went to see the local holy man and spoke to him about converting to Islam, but he just kept on telling me to go study more. I was totally head over heels for her and she felt the same, so we decide to make plans to leave the area so we could be together. We set a date and we went for it.

I hired a car and picked her and the boys up and we left. We booked into a motel got the local paper to look for a place to rent. Her sister began to ring me in the afternoon asking if I knew where she was, then her brother rang her and filled her head with candy floss that he would help sort things out so that we could be together, so she told him where we were hiding.

A couple of hours later two of her brothers turned up and proceeded to emotionally blackmail her into going back home. Not of course without threatening to KILL me if I ever stepped foot back in the town we both lived in!!!

I was gutted i thought that was it, she was taken home. I returned to work and things for me were really strange. As she was basically under house arrest I used to speak to her by phone when she rang me. I really wanted to see her but knew it would be impossible as she was being watched 24/7. Sometimes when I was talking to her on the phone her brother would take the phone to see who she was talking to, so I'd pass the phone to my friend who'd talk to her.

Then out of the blue I got a phone call- a strange one as the person on the other end had no voice!!! I put the phone down then it rang again this time there was a voice- it was her. She told me to watch out for her family as she had done a runner again and was worried they would come looking for me. After about a week she told me where she was staying so I went to see her that weekend and every weekend after until I left my job and moved over to be with her and her 2 boys.

We lived together- the boys would go visit their father and all was well until they went for Eid and were abducted to Pakistan by their father. It was a gut wrenching moment when we actually found out for sure that the boys had been taken. We got in touch with the police who were about as helpful as a smack in the face with a wet fish. The solicitor we found was brilliant, and adamant that she would get the boys back, which she did after much hard work.

We are now a slightly larger family as we have a daughter (who is almost 3) but the hard work is now behind us: we've made it!!

My family have been great accepted my wife and the kids and are always there to offer us support when we need it. We are both studying at uni and hoping for a brighter future.

My moral to this story is that if you believe in your heart that you have found your soulmate don't let anything stand in the way. We only get one life on this earth so why not have a happy one?


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