Help and Support for Mixed Couples

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Interfaith Marriage Network

Hi from the Interfaith Marriage Network to everyone at MixTogether, and congratulations on a brilliant site.  Couples who face opposition from their families and communities often feel so alone, which means that sites like this can be a lifeline. The ‘Experiences’ section and the forum help you feel that whatever you’re going through, someone else has been through something similar.

The Interfaith Marriage Network was started so that people in relationships across faith boundaries can get information and support, and learn from one another.  Even those who don’t think of themselves as religious can find that faith issues crop up in their relationships, especially at times of birth and bereavement, and also sometimes in unexpected ways.  We have information about the main faiths found in the
UK, and what they say about mixed marriages.  

We’ve also got contacts with ministers and faith leaders who are known to be sympathetic to people in mixed relationships.



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