Help and Support for Mixed Couples

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Resources for Mixed Couples

MixTogether recently contributed to ground-breaking research into mixed relationships conducted by London South Bank University. Their funded research programme led to the development of a series of excellent resources aimed directly at mixed couples. The researchers at LSBU, in partnership with the charity One Plus One, were careful to take on board the problems faced by mixed couples whose families disapprove of the relationship. As a result, the resources developed are of direct benefit to MixTogether visitors, and we would like to recommend them to you. Please take a moment to feed back on these resources, in order to make them more effective for everyone: click here to help us with a short survey



The Inter-Faith Marriage Network

We’re in mixed marriages ourselves and we’ve listened to many other people in interfaith, intercultural and international relationships. We started the Interfaith Marriage Project because we realized that very little help or information was available for people like us, and couples and families often have to face the issues alone. As more and more people are forming relationships with partners of other faiths and cultures, it’s important for us to support one another.

People in Harmony

People in Harmony is an interracial anti-racist organisation which promotes the positive experience of interracial life in Britain today and challenges the racism, prejudice and ignorance in society.

Ashiana Network

Ashiana Network are a charitable organisation based in London, to help women from the Asian, Turkish & Iranian community get help when they need it. We are here to offer our help support and guidance to Women in need.

Karma Nirvana

Founded by Jasvinder Sanghera, author of Shame and Daughers Of Shame, and a friend of MixTogether.

They operate the Honour Network Helpline: 08005 999 247



IKWRO is a registered charity founded in 2002. They provide advice, support, advocacy and referral in Arabic, Kurdish, Turkish, Dari and Farsi to women, girls and couples living in Britain, in particular helping women facing domestic violence, forced marriage and 'honour'-based violence.

Forced Marriage Unit (UK Foreign Office)

The Forced Marriage Unit sees hundreds of cases a year. Forced marriage is not a religious or cultural issue - it is a global human rights abuse. 


CasteWatch UK

CasteWatchUK is a secular, non-denominational charity. They seek to promote social cohesion and an environment that respects and values individuals in society, irrespective of colour, Caste, creed, gender, background, age, orientation, race, or any other criteria encompassed in the current equality legislation in the UK.



The one-stop website that provides you with practical information and sources of advice and help on forced marriage.



Freedom Charity was established to save the lives of vulnerable children who are at risk of, or are subjected to, Forced Marriage and ‘dis-honour’ based violence.

Dim Sum

The British Chinese community website.

Contains loads of interesting content and a very active forum. There are often discussions about mixed race relationships.


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